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What NOT to Do When Placing Your Home on the Market

Thursday, January 19, 2017   /   by Ruben Vera, Broker Associate

What NOT to Do When Placing Your Home on the Market

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You've made the decision to sell your home... GREAT!  If you're in Coastal Virginia, I hope you've chosen to list with me!  If so, I will be providing you a "To Do List" to sell quickly and for your ideal price.  I'll also mention what NOT to do.  Here's a few of those DO NOT items...

DO NOT over-improve.
Depending on your particular home, you may or may not need to make some changes to get the best return on your investment.  Perhaps updating appliances or countertops will do the trick, or replacing doors and windows are a must.  You get the idea.  However, you want to be careful not to over-improve.  Not everyone will appreciate a state-of-the-art garage with video/surround sound system, plus high-end tool cabinets, and drop down engine oil dispensers.  What if your buyers instead want a large space for their kids to play in? That mechanic's dream may look to them like a huge remodel project. Make any needed fixes to your space, but don't go above and beyond—you may lose money doing so.

DO NOT over-decorate.
Over-decorating may be as bad as over-improving. You may love the look of horses on curtains, rugs, table cloths and lamp shades, but your potential buyer may look and cringe. When prepping for sale, neutralize your decorating scheme so that it is attractive to the largest group of buyers.

DO NOT hang-out during showings.
I call you and advise I'm bringing buyers by this afternoon. Awesome! You corral the household (including the dog) and wait at the door with freshly baked cookies. Nice thought but, WRONG!  Buyers want to see themselves walking through the front door and roaming the house.  Wouldn't you be a bit freaked out if it were you walking through a potential new home, only to be met be the owners at every turn.  Just grab the dog, the kids, and jump in the car for an ice cream, or talk a walk to the neighborhood park.  If you absolutely can't leave, have a cup of coffee in the back patio.

DO NOT take things personally.
Real estate is a business, but buying and selling homes is extremely emotional.  However, when you are selling your home, try not to take it personal.  So the buyers don't like your 5 foot by 7 foot Scarface movie poster in the foyer staircase, makes a low ball offer, or says they need to replace your treasured avocado-green 1970's refrigerator with something "more modern" (a suggestion I likely made also), don't take it personally. 

Whether you're selling, buying, or need property management for an investment home, I certainly recommend utilizing the expertise of a seasoned real estate professional.  Put my over 10 years of experience to work for you!  Call/text me at 757-581-9058 or visit me a RubenVeraHomes.com.